Forenom module hostels

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You and your team work hard all day, so you don’t want to spend all evening driving to your home, if that’s even possible. Because, unfortunately, working on large construction projects often means that you are working in the middle of nowhere. Your own home certainly isn’t right next door, nor are there local hotels nearby. So what are your options?

Module hostels combine convenience and affordability

Forenom’s module hostels combine convenience and affordability into a package that can’t be beat. We bring your home directly to you, and it stays there for the length of your construction project. We understand that large construction projects aren’t completed in a day, which naturally means that you and your team will need a temporary home for several months at least. This is why we focus on making the module hostels convenient and pleasant. The hostels are furnished by interior designers and contain all the necessary conveniences of home, from bathrooms and kitchens to wireless internet connections and keyless code-locked doors. Also, because you and your team will be staying for a while, price is a key factor. Paying too much for team accommodation can easily hurt the bottom line of your project. That’s why we guarantee that your stay in our module hostels will always be cheaper than a hotel. Always.

Hostels built to fit your needs

Our module hostels can be assembled as a unit entirely in accordance with your preferences. They consist of one-room or two-room apartments and also take into account capacity requirements. Module hostels are rated 1-3 stars, with three stars being new, high-quality module hostels similar to a permanent building. This gives you the ability to specify the standards you and your team require. For example, you can specify whether there are shared facilities or private bathrooms. Forenom’s module hostel service is available in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Forenom has already launched its first module hostel in October 2016 near the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski. The hostel provides temporary accommodation for as many as 150 people who are part of the construction project. You can also read more about Forenom's other project accommodation services.


Forenom Module hostel
Forenom Module hostel
Forenom Module hostel

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