Furnished and serviced apartments and rooms starting from 499€/month

You can stay in our homelike furnished and serviced apartments and rooms during a plumbing renovation, during life changes or simply in place of "enjoying" the hotel life. Discounted prices are limited, so move fast!

Check out our discounted locations

Aparthotel Lahti - from 599 EUR/month

Hostel Jyväskylä - from 599 EUR/month

Serviced Apartments Pyhäjoki - from 599 EUR/month

Hostel Kuusamo - from 599 EUR/month

Hostel Helsinki Pitäjänmäki - from 599 EUR/month

Hostel Vantaa Aviapolis - from 649 EUR/month

Aparthotel Raahe - from 699 EUR/month

Serviced Apartments Rovaniemi Valtakatu - from 699 EUR/month

Aparthotel Tampere Hämeenkatu - from 699 EUR/month

Hostel Espoo Kivenlahti - from 699 EUR/month

Hostel Porvoo - from 749 EUR/month

Aparthotel Helsinki Herttoniemi - from 849 EUR/month

Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi - from 999 EUR/month

Aparthotel Varkaus - from 1099 EUR/month

Aparthotel Jyväskylä - from 1099 EUR/month

Aparthotel Vantaa Tikkurila - from 1199 EUR/month

Serviced Apartments Jyväskylä Väinönkatu - from 1199 EUR/month

Aparthotel Oulu - from 1199 EUR/month

Aparthotel Vaasa - from 1349 EUR/month

Aparthotel Kuopio - from 1349 EUR/month

Aparthotel Stockholm-Arlanda - from 499 EUR/month

Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik - from 949 EUR/month

Aparthotel Stockholm Bromma - from 999 EUR/month

Aparthotel Stockholm Flemingsberg - from 1149 EUR/month

Aparthotel Göteborg Nolvik - from 1399 EUR/month

Serviced Apartments Göteborg Geijersgatan - from 1399 EUR/month

Aparthotel Stockholm Kista - from 1499 EUR/month

Serviced Apartments Stockholm Johannegatan - from 1749 EUR/month

Do you need help choosing accommodation?

If you can't find a place that works for you from our web shop, then we will find you a place to stay within 24 hours. Get in touch by phone +358 20 198 3420, by email sales@forenom.com or by sending a Whatsapp message.

Furnished apartments and rooms - fast, flexible and affordable

You can stay in our homelike accommodation during a plumbing renovation, during life changes or simply in place of "enjoying" the hotel life. Whatever your reason for your stay, you will find a solution with us. We offer furnished apartments and rooms across the Nordic region, and you can move in immediately. There's limited availability at discounted prices, so move fast!

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1. Search and find a place to stay

You can find and immediately book a place to stay from our web shop. If you have trouble finding a place to stay, get in touch and we'll find you a place to stay within 24 hours.

2. Choose your length of stay and service level

You can live in our apartments and rooms for as long as you like. When choosing a place to stay, you can also choose do you just want a roof over your head, or do you want to stay comfortably and enjoy additional services?

3. Book your stay

Reserve your apartment or room online. On your arrival day you will receive your key code for access via SMS, after which you can come and go as you please.

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Choose the right service level for you


Now starting from 495€/month
Searching for affordable? Keep in mind that Budget options are modest and sparsely furnished. Furnishings will show wear.


Now starting from 999€/month
Smart options offer practical, convenient and well-furnished accommodation. Accommodation is in good shape and is thoughtfully furnished.


Now starting from 1,199€/month
Premium options offer all the comforts of home with additional services included. Attention is paid to details and furnishings are new.

Entrepreneur Pia-Maria Nickström thrives with Forenom

"Forenom's furnished apartment is a perfect solution before settling into a permanent apartment - and Forenom's apartment can be reserved online in a minute! The best part is that a serviced apartment combines the convenient services of a hotel with the comfort of a home. I can fix myself dinner and invite my friends over for an evening!"

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Why Forenom?

Furnished apartments and rooms quick and easy

You can reserve an apartment or room online and move in right away. If you can't find what you're looking for then we'll find you a place to stay withing 24 hours.

Be at home

All of our apartments and rooms are furnished for living. Cook in your own kitchen, relax on the sofa and sleep well in your comfortable bed. We can also provide furnishings according to your wishes.

We are always ready to serve you

You can always be in touch with us via phone, email or chat if you need our service during your stay. Get in touch!