Long-term rentals

This is how it works

You offer your apartment

We conduct a review process and make a deal with you

You sit back and collect your income

Why rent my apartment or home through Forenom?

We guarantee you rental income

When you list your apartment or home with us, you can forget everything except for your guaranteed income. When you sign up, we become your tenant for as long as is agreed. We then rent your apartment forward, and we provide you with automated monthly rental payments. Can you imagine that? Guaranteed, automatic monthly income through your individual apartments. We think that’s pretty cool, and so do the property owners we work with.

On top of the guaranteed income, you save money by eliminating marketing, sales and hosting costs. We take on all of those costs, making your rental yield as high as possible. And because of the services we offer, your apartment will definitely retain its value.

Work with a professional operator

Due to our experience in the rental markets throughout the Nordic region, we are confident that will be able to work out the fairest rental deal for both parties. We also provide the entire range of professional apartment operating services. We take your furnished or unfurnished apartment off of your hands and handle the rest from start to finish.

After we have examined your apartment together, which can be furnished or unfurnished, we sign a contract with you and agree to a release date. Once your apartment has been listed with Forenom, we find tenants through our own efficient and effective marketing and sales channels, and we sign the rental agreements with future guests. We are responsible for the condition of your apartment and we check up on your apartment regularly. If repairs are required which exceed normal wear and tear, we will take care of them as is agreed in our contract. We also take care of all contractual matters with you and with future tenants.

You save time, remove stress and make money

Forget trips to Ikea. Forget filling out online forms and taking pictures. Forget listing your apartment on ten different channels. Forget empty apartments. Forget contract law and collecting rent. Forget the midnight calls because a toilet is broken.

List your apartment with Forenom and sleep easy.