Large property rentals

This is how it works

Offer your property

We conduct a review process together and make a deal with you

You sit back and collect your income

Why sign a deal for your large property with Forenom?

Risk-free yield for you

We offer the most risk-free way to generate stable rental income for a fixed period. When you partner with Forenom, we become the tenant, meaning we pay you a guaranteed, fixed income every month. We are also responsible for the operational costs, with the exception of renovation costs. As the owner of the property, you remain responsible for possible renovation costs. But don’t worry, because as we are in the accommodation business, which is subject to VAT, you are able to plan VAT deductions in an entirely new fashion.

Not only do we offer you a risk-free yield that’s guaranteed, but we’re willing to do so for the long-term. If your large property is one that fits our portfolio, we’ll sign you up to a 5, 10 or even 15-year deal. Risk-free, guaranteed yield over the long-term; that’s a deal worth signing!

Ownership of large properties made easy

Forenom works as a property operator and takes care of everything involving accommodation tasks, accommodation obligations and accommodation costs. After we have examined your property together, we negotiate and sign a contract with you and agree to a release date. Once your property is up and running, we find tenants through our own efficient and effective marketing and sales channels, and we sign the rental agreements with future guests. We also take care of all contractual matters with you and with future tenants.

So when you choose us, you’re choosing a trusted partner is responsible for your property and who has quickly grown into the largest provider in the Nordic region in our field. Forenom Group’s revenue in 2016 will be about 60 million euros.

List your property

Forenom is looking for new large properties in growing cities in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We will also be considering other northern European countries in the near future, so if you have a property that could be turned into an aparthotel or a hostel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!