Nordic region’s leading serviced apartment company Forenom continues its rapid expansion in Sweden with the opening of a new Aparthotel at Arlanda Airport.

The Aparthotel will consist of 120 rooms, inspired by Nordic design and living, and will be developed in collaboration with Swedish Airport Infrastructure AB (SAIAB). Forenom believes that the flexible extended stay option will provide an affordable accommodation solution for business travellers and businesses constructing and operating in the surrounding area.

‘’Forenom Aparthotel Arlanda will offer multiple accommodation options from high-quality two-bedroom apartments to design hostel rooms. We believe that the Nordic living experience, including e.g. a fully equipped kitchen in the room will interest both extended stay guests as well as business travellers”, says Mats-Erik Lidström, CEO of Forenom Sweden.

The Arlanda area is developing into an ‘’Airport City’’ with upcoming new office buildings, hotels and a potential new congress center. Swedavia estimates that the number of workers in the area will increase from today’s approx. 18 000 to 50 000 in the next 30 years. In addition, 30 percent of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport’s 21,1 million international and 5,5 million domestic passengers were traveling for business in 2017.

‘’Flexible combination of long- and short-term accommodation is totally new for the market. We believe that it supports the airports development as well as offers a professional accommodation solution for the entire north region of Stockholm’’, says SAIAB Asset Manager Jacob Jensen.

Forenom Aparthotel Arlanda

  • 120 room property: with 80 Nordic-themed, high-quality residences and a Nordic designed hostel wing with 40 rooms
  • Features the best parts of Northern living helping guests enjoy both long- and short stay
  • Offers extensive variation of different options from mini-rooms to two-bedroom apartments, sauna and roof terrace
  • Estimated opening beginning of 2020
  • Centrally located a few minutes walking distance from the terminal buildings

For more information, please contact:

Mats-Erik Lidström
CEO – Forenom Sweden
+46 (0)703 19 42 21

Jacob Jensen
Asset Manager – Swedish Airport Infrastructure AB
+46 (0)733 87 26 99

Elin Eriksson
Press contact, Forenom Marketing
+46 (0)739 85 87 42

Forenom is the Nordic market leader in corporate housing in terms of net sales, currently operating in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and Finland with 25 local offices and over 450 employees. With over 6500 serviced apartments in the Nordic countries, Forenom hosts over 100.000 guests every year. Forenom’s goal is to continue growing rapidly and become the leading accommodation service provider in Northern Europe.

Visit: or the property owner SAIAB,

Our new flagship aparthotel in the heart of Oslo, Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, is filled with Nordic interior design. Now, the architects and designers reveal how the rooms were designed and what you can expect when staying in these high-quality design rooms.

Forenom Aparthotel Oslo is situated in the center of Oslo, near the main railway station, at Lakkegata 3. Its surrounding area, Grønland, is an up-and-coming, lively neighborhood. We transformed a red-brick office building from the 80’s into a top-of-the-line aparthotel. It offers accommodation in 6 floors and altogether 163 rooms, ranging from Smart to Premium level accommodation. Each room in the two highest floors has a balcony, providing amazing views to the Oslo city center and the hills beyond.

We wanted to make this hotel high-class, equipped with everything a business or leisure traveler needs, whether they’re staying for one day or one year. Our goal was to create a unique experience for our guests. That’s why we cooperated with the skilled architects and designers at the Helsinki-based design house Studio Puisto. They created a wonderful ambiance to the rooms, ranging from cool Nordic interiors to more intensive, vibrant colors and more tactile materials.

”When we designed the building and the interiors of Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, we started with the customer. What would a guest want of a hotel room to stay comfortably for several days in a row? So we didn’t start with the typical hotel room, but tried to think out of the box”, says Studio Puisto architect Willem van Bolderen.

The kitchen is a good example of how we kept the customer in mind in the design. At Forenom, cooking facilities are always one of the must-haves when it comes to room design. To keep things compact, the kitchen at Aparthotel Oslo was designed as a furniture piece. Willem van Bolderen explains:

”It’s the central element in many of the rooms and allows the guest to move around the kitchen island. Rather than adding a dining table to the studios, the table can be retracted from the kitchen island. Compact, elegant and effective!”

Being a Nordic company with operations in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we wanted to make Aparthotel Oslo’s interior design full of Scandinavian design pieces. Below are some examples of the products and brands used in the property.




Northern’s lighting products are created in collaboration with designers around the world. Established in Oslo in 2005, their designs are guided by Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing character of the Nordic light.


Northern – Circle lamp
Northern – Circle lamp


Northern - Me Floor Lamp
Northern – Me Floor Lamp (Photo credit: Calle Huth)



Made by choice

Committed to producing durable, bold and innovative furniture designs, Made by Choice combine contemporary woodworking methods and modern technology. Their products are developed and manufactured in Salo, Finland.


Made by choice pants stool
The Made by choice pants stool and bar stool are developed in close collaboration with skilled craftsmen to meet the needs of any public space.




This Helsinki-based design office has a simple philosophy in design: creating a strong atmosphere and vision. Aesthetics can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels good. Materials, with layers of history and visual cultures, are bold but long-lasting, and classic yet lively.

Poiat Lavitta Lounge chair
Poiat’s Lavitta Lounge chair has a laid-back character, which invites everyone to sit comfortably. The award-winning and internationally-recognised Lavitta collection of tables and chairs is being sold in more than 10 countries.




Finnish aesthetics is the foundation of ARKTIS. Their products are constructed mainly with wooden components made of solid wood, form pressed plywood and bentwood. Their features give various forms to the products while keeping the characteristics of Finnish design, simplicity and functionality.

Kombu chair
The strong structure of the Kombu chair guarantees its durability and gives it a confident appearance.
Kombu Bar Chair
The Kombu Bar Chair follows the nice details and the pleasant feel of ergonomics which Kombu series is renowned for.




The Danish Muuto’s mission is to bring new perspectives to Nordic design. They combine clear aesthetics, functionality and honoring the tradition of craftsmanship with new techniques and an experimental attitude.


Muuto's Visu chair
Muuto’s Visu chair combines ergonomic and functional expressions with a quiet silhouette. It’s designed by Mika Tolvanen.


Dots hooks
The Dots are versatile wooden hooks in a functional, vibrant design. They are designed by Lars Tornøe, who has won several awards such as Designer of the Year in Norway and the Award for Design Excellence. His work has been shown at many international exhibitions and The Dots is part of the permanent collection at the Danish Design Center.




Høie of Scandinavia is a Norwegian company that has operated for more than 160 years. The company’s products are characterized by excellent quality and Nordic elegance, and they are known for their environmental friendliness. All Høie products carry the OEKO-TEX label and are ideally suited to people who suffer from allergies.

Høie woolen throw
In Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, we use Høie’s high-quality woolen throws in various natural colors that are inspired by nature. The material is 100% Woolmark wool.


      Book your stay at Aparthotel Oslo!

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New Forenom service levels to make your stay easier


Nordic region’s leading serviced apartment company Forenom opened 163 fully furnished and serviced residences in the heart of Oslo. The first customers entered the location in the beginning of July.

‘’Located at Lakkegata 3, very close to the Oslo Central Station, this unique concept offers 163 fully furnished and serviced apartments for business travellers. With its downtown location and long-lasting Nordic design, this property is now our flagship in Norway’’, says Forenom CEO of Norway Ola Bjørnstad.

Building attractive cities for businesses and organizations

The majority of Forenom’s guests in Norway are business travellers stationed in Oslo for an extended period. For over 20 years, Forenom has provided companies, organizations, students and tourists with the opportunity to live and experience Oslo the same way locals do.

‘’We believe that the new Nordic-themed high-quality residences support Oslo as a destination which attracts and helps both local and international companies to expand their business in Norway. Our new location in Oslo is a place where companies’ employees can easily settle in and enjoy their professional and private life with all the facilities needed’’, adds Bjørnstad.

About new residences
163 fully furnished and serviced apartments
500 metres from the Central Station
Designed by Studio Puisto Architects
Every apartment is built around the kitchen, the heart of a Nordic home
Top floor apartments have private balconies

Learn more and book your stay

About Forenom
For over 20 years, Forenom has provided companies, organizations, students and tourists with the opportunity to live and experience Oslo the same way locals do. With over 6500 fully furnished apartments in the Nordic countries, Forenom hosts over 100.000 guests every year. Forenom has 25 local offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, with a total of 450 employees. Forenom’s goal is to be the leading apartment provider in Northern Europe.

For more information or additional comments, please contact:

Ola A. Bjørnstad, CEO, Forenom Norway
Phone: +47 414 45 540

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Ola A. Bjørnstad is the new CEO for Forenom Norway

Skillful project management pays less than half for project accommodation compared to mediocre project management. Smart accommodation agreements positively impact your ability to provide competitive offers as well as improve your profitability. With their 18 years of industry experience, our accommodation experts garnered a 9-point checklist on how to control costs on project accommodation. 

Especially in the manufacturing and construction industries, project costs can be difficult to forecast due to the impact and scale of project delays. By controlling accommodation costs  you can, however, improve the profitability of a single project. Also, sometimes projects are run under extremely tight budgets. When this is the case, savings have to be found everywhere to ensure the highest profitability possible. This is where accommodation cost control plays an important role.

How to control project accommodation costs?

1. Get a binding accommodation offer

To create an accurate budget, the project manager should request a binding accommodation offer from a service provider during the project bidding phase. It is likely that many accommodation providers will not agree to binding agreements in advance, but it pays off to demand it before any accommodation contracts are signed. In order to get a binding agreement for accommodation, you will at least need to know the following:

  • how long your project will last
  • the amount of employees
  • the required location for accommodation

Once you have the binding agreement for accommodation in hand, you can include accommodation costs in the price of your project bid. You protect yourself from bidding too low or too high on your project.

2. Check collective bargaining agreements

When choosing accommodation, the collective bargaining agreement under which the employees are working should be taken into consideration. Some collective bargaining agreements specify minimal requirements for employee, such as should every employee have their own room or can rooms be shared. There are also collective bargaining agreements which set a minimum room size.


3. Demand flexible terms

A fixed price agreed in advance is most often the cheapest one, but in unexpected situations it can be difficult to terminate a fixed-term contract. Forenom’s project accommodation experts advise building an accommodation package which includes both affordable fixed-price accommodation, as well as slightly more expensive but flexible accommodation. Also, don’t agree to a contract which allows the accommodation provider to increase room rates during high season.

4. Look for accommodation well in advance

Usually the most expensive accommodation contracts are those created at the last minute. Generally, the closer the arrival date, the more expensive the accommodation. It helps to have accommodation centralized to one partner for a fixed price.

5. Provide your team with a roomy, homelike apartment instead of multiple hotel rooms. 

Multiple employees can fit into one spacious apartment, which causes the nightly price per employee to drop dramatically. Employees are able to prepare their own breakfast and dinner, and they don’t need to constantly be eating out or store their own food in a small mini-bar. It’s often necessary to also be able to do laundry in the apartment. Remember that a satisfied workforce is a prerequisite for a successful project!


6. Reserve accommodation exactly for the time you need it. 

Choose an accommodation partner which can arrange accommodation for the exact time frame necessary, even if it means starting in the middle of a month. Also, reserve accommodation for the entire expected time frame, not in small portions. When your accommodation is planned and the length of your project is known, it pays to reserve accommodation for the entire time. Longer accommodation contracts are noticeably cheaper than short contracts.

7. Only pay for the services you need. 

If your employees won’t be using ironing or breakfast services, you should make sure these services aren’t hidden inside the room rate. Choose a partner who will allow you to select the services you want, and pay only for what you use. It’s enough for some that the apartment is cleaned on a weekly basis, and bed linens and towels don’t need to be changed daily.

8. Centralize accommodation to one partner

By centralizing all of your company’s accommodation needs to one partner, you’re in a better position to negotiate on your requirements. As for the project’s accommodation, the process speeds along and your partner develops a deeper understanding on your wishes and needs. This way you’ll save not just on costs but also on time, as you won’t constantly have to search for the optimal solution yourself and direct a new partner.

You gain the most control over your accommodation costs by choosing a partner who will commit to fixed nightly prices. It is difficult to find accommodation providers who will agree to this type of deal, but by combining the total volume of your accommodation needs with your negotiation skills, you will succeed.

9. Track your costs

The old saying goes, what you measure is what you’ll get. Once you start measuring accommodation cost savings, you’ll start getting them. So make sure that your accommodation provider can offer you tools which make your accommodation expenses transparent. An extranet is a good example, as it can give you easy access to bills, reservations and reports all in one place.


Be in touch! We’ll help you map out your accommodation needs! 

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Forenom is expanding and the new CEO, Ola A. Bjørnstad, is the company`s first Norwegian leader in Norway. Forenom started out with just few apartments in Norway in 2015. Today, they have 550 serviced apartments and their offering is expanding.

– Oslo is emerging as an attractive city for tourists and businesses. More and more people are working here for shorter periods of time and we can offer flexibility in the interest of companies, educational institutions and the city of Oslo, says Bjørnstad.

Ola A. Bjørnstad has years of experience from the travel and hotel business. Prior to Forenom, he has been the CEO of Grand Hotel, managing director of Hurtigrutens hotels at Svalbard as well as the head of the Baker Hansen franchise.

There are 550 serviced apartments in Norway and Forenom Norway has a total of 40 employees. The majority of Forenom’s guests are business travelers stationed in Oslo for an extended period. Bjørnstad is now looking to expand further, adds Bjørnstad.

– We are going to expand our presence in Oslo and create even more living environments that feel just like home. Our company can offer clean and state of the art apartments of high quality, where our guests can move right in. In our apartments, you are not a guest, you are a resident. This creates a healthy living environment with happy neighbors where our residents can enjoy the Oslo experience.


163 brand new aparthotel residences

Forenom is closing in on their biggest investment in Norway as 163 new aparthotel residences in the heart of Oslo are opening their doors in July.

– Forenom has experienced a healthy growth in Norway and now we are the leading actor in the Nordic accommodation operator market. I am really looking forward to taking charge of Forenom Norway during these exciting times. All the positive experiences from Finland, Denmark and Sweden will be valuable assets here in Norway. Our goal is to be the leading accommodation provider in Northern Europe, says Bjørnstad.

Forenom Aparthotel Oslo

About Forenom

For over 20 years, Forenom has provided companies, organizations, students and tourists with the opportunity to live and experience Oslo the same way locals do. With over 6500 fully furnished apartments in the Nordic countries, Forenom hosts over 100.000 guests every year. Forenom has 25 local offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, with a total of 450 employees. Forenom’s goal is to be the leading apartment provider in Northern Europe.

For more information, please contact: 

Ola A. Bjørnstad, CEO, Forenom Norway


Phone: +47 414 45 540



Our purpose is to make your stay easy, so you can feel at home. We combine the ease of hotel services with the comfort and freedom of an apartment. However, you can choose exactly how much service and comfort you want. We make sure you only pay for what you need.

To make it easier for you to select the right accommodation for you, we’ve now started rolling in our new service levels. All apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in our webshop will have a new service level by the end of the summer. Just choose the right service level for your need and let us take care of the rest.

Forenom service levels

By the end of this summer, Forenom will have three service levels: budget, smart and premium. The levels differ from each other in terms of the condition of the apartment/room as well as services included. In every level, linen and towels are included in the room rate and you always have the possibility to select any extra services you want, e.g. more frequent cleanings, for a small extra fee.

We’ll be talking more about the service levels later, but here’s the new concept in a nutshell.

Budget €

‘’I need accommodation that is functional but do not want to pay for anything extra.’’

Forenom Budget apartments and rooms are designed for those who appreciate good value for money and simple accommodation. These facilities are in basic condition and furnished modestly. WiFi and final cleaning are included in the price of all budget level aparthotels and hostels, and available for an extra fee in apartments. Making the bed is not included in most facilities.

Forenom service levels


Smart €€

‘’I need accommodation that is convenient and appreciate the availability of extra services.”

Forenom Smart offers convenient and functional living in a well-equipped home-like accommodation. These apartments and rooms are in good condition and furnished thoughtfully. Unlimited Wi-Fi is also included in the price.

Forenom service levels


Premium €€€

‘’I expect a high level of comfort and style in a central location and appreciate the option to pay for curated services.’’

Forenom Premium combines the full comfort of home living with a premium hotel experience. Forenom Premium apartments and rooms are new and designed uniquely with attention to detail. Their fully equipped kitchens are modern and functional, making sure you feel right at home. The price includes also unlimited Wi-Fi, and cleanings every two weeks and at the end of your stay.

Forenom service levels


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We are proud to present our renewed Forenom brand. We have a new look, but our core is still the same: we are here to accommodate people all around the Nordics. With our new strong brand, we are even better equipped to respond to changes in the accommodation market and further accelerate our fast growth in the Nordic countries.

 Watch the video to see what this brand is all about:

The brand renewal covers our mission, slogan, manifesto and visual identity, including our logo, brand images, colors, fonts and graphic elements. The revamp of the visual image is the most visible part of the change, but most of the work involved learning to understand customer needs and clarifying the growth plan.

The objective of the brand makeover was to create a clearer, unified Forenom brand, while raising awareness of the entire industry. To highlight the ease of services offered to our customers a new slogan, ”stay easy”, was chosen for Forenom. This means, we work hard to make your stay easy, so you can feel at home.

We have grown from a one-man company into the Nordic market leader in just 18 years. In addition to strong organic growth, we have accelerated our expansion through corporate acquisitions, with all acquired companies being brought under the Forenom brand.

”We want the new brand identity to communicate our pioneering approach to home-like accommodation and digital technology, as well as the extremely hard work our team does to serve our customers every day. For example, it is routine for us to find and furnish an apartment according to a client’s needs in just one day. We want to let our great, can-do spirit show to the outside world as well.” says Johannes Kangas, CEO of Forenom.

We also made a manifesto where we wanted to focus on our guests. For us, it is very important that our guest can stay easy, get more done and feel like at home. This is our manifesto:

Welcome to Forenom.

Long journey? Kick back and look around. What do you see? The kind of place that’s easy in every way.

Where you can cook your favourite meal. Go for a run in the neighbourhood. Watch an episode (or eight) of that TV show you like. Stretch your arms in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

We also look beyond the traditional, because there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to living. That’s why we never stop looking for new ways to serve you better.

We make your stay easy, so you can feel at home.

In the global tech world, the need to recruit IT experts from abroad to work for a project is becoming more and more common. IT workers are in such high demand that companies must come up with new, fast and cost-efficient ways to attract talent – and high-quality ways to ensure the workers can focus on their work instead of worrying about accommodation or other trivial things.

This article is a must-read for you if you answer YES to at least one of the following questions:

Are you someone who…

  • decides on / buys / uses / thinks about / dreams of accommodation in IT projects in your company?
  • would like to pay less for IT workers’ accommodation?
  • would like to spend less time finding accommodation for IT workers?
  • would enjoy a guaranteed comfortable stay in the accommodation for the workers?
  • would like to out-perform your competitors?
  • would like to execute more profitable IT projects?

Ticked at least one of the boxes? Then read on to find out how to improve your IT projects!

Forenom’s experts have worked with accommodating IT project workers for 17 years, so we know what to expect in IT projects and what kind of accommodation needs your workers will have – and most importantly, we know how to answer those needs. Follow these 6 tips in order to successfully accommodate your foreign IT project workers. 


1. Only pay for what you need

We know that IT workers usually work very intensely in the projects and put in long hours. They might leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. So, when you’re accommodating them, acknowledge that there’s a good chance they’ll never be able to take advantage of traditional hotel services, such as breakfast, laundry service or a gym. And do you think they will need daily room cleaning or want their sheets and towels replaced with new ones every single day? So why pay extra for something they don’t need? Choose a partner who will allow you to select exactly the services you want. Maybe get the apartment cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, and bed linens and towels changed once a week. You choose.

2. Beware of seasonal price changes

As you know, all accommodation providers have their peak seasons and their low seasons. So what if you suddenly need to accommodate IT project workers in the middle of a peak season? That’s going to cost you! But what if you had a partner who guaranteed fixed prices to you – no matter the season? It is difficult to find accommodation providers who agree to this type of deal but don’t accept accommodation contracts which allow them to raise prices during high season. This way you gain the most control over your accommodation costs.

3. Be open about your needs and negotiate

It’s important to give your accommodation provider as much information on the project as you can. Being open about your needs helps them to find the perfect option for you and you don’t end up having to pay for any surprise costs along the way. Choose a partner who allows you to negotiate on the price depending on the length of stay, to choose between various price ranges, and to include exactly the services your employees need. In order to get a binding agreement for accommodation, you will at least need to know how long your project will last, the number of employees staying, and the required location for accommodation. If you have employees with different positions and requirements, you may want to work with a provider which offers various quality categories. This way you can choose to save on junior employees’ accommodation and still meet the potentially high demands of the senior employees.

IT project worker Forenom

4. Choose a flexible option

Choose an accommodation partner which can arrange an apartment for the exact time frame necessary, even if it means starting in the middle of a month. Again, only pay for what you need. Cancellations should also be flexible. We know that IT projects rarely go 100% as planned, so sometimes you’ll want to extend or shorten your stays. Or maybe you started out with 20 employees but suddenly only 10 of them are needed in the project. For surprising events like this, make sure you have a flexible agreement, which allows you to cancel nights when needed. There are some corporate agreements which allow for full flexibility.

5. Address your IT workers’ needs

We know that most IT workers coming with a business visa seek accommodation similar to a hotel, with periodic cleaning, central location and easy check-in/check-out, and most of them want the possibility to prepare their own meals. Serviced apartments and aparthotels are perfect for just that: they offer hotel-like amenities, but with added space and comfort and equipped with their own kitchen facilities.

When it’s time for them to leave, make sure your workers are provided with easy check-out. A keycode access allows them to come and go as they please, so checking out is as easy as closing the door and stepping outside. Also check if a late check-out is possible, but if not, then make sure there’s a luggage room where they can leave their belongings if needed.

6. Make sure your workers are taken good care of

Last but definitely not least, make sure your workers’ stay goes smoothly from start to finish. Around 90% of IT project workers arrive during weekends. That’s why they need to be attended right there and then – not on Monday. Many IT workers come from far-away countries (~95% from India) and we know how baffled they sometimes are to arrive in the cold and dark Nordics. That’s why you should make sure that someone is there to attend them upon arrival. Your accommodation partner can ensure your employees arrive in their accommodation safely and comfortably, give them instructions about their new home and neighborhood and answer any questions your workers might have. After that, you want the accommodation provider to continue to be there for them, with 24/7 customer service.


Be sure you address all of the above points and you’ll make accommodating IT workers easy, affordable and efficient for you and comfortable for your valuable IT experts. Our Forenom accommodation experts are more than happy to answer any other questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Contact our expert for more information on IT project accommodation:

Rajnish Kumar Forenom

Rajnish Kumar 
Customer Relationship Director
+358 45 693 8020


Or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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What is a serviced apartment?

Nordic region’s leading corporate housing provider Forenom completes its second acquisition within a month in Sweden by acquiring APARTMENT HS AB. With this new acquisition with over 500 apartments, Forenom expands to offer more long stay accommodation and becomes a market leader in serviced apartments market in Sweden. In Stockholm alone, 25 % of the city’s serviced apartment offering is covered by Forenom.

Forenom has concluded an agreement to purchase the APARTMENT HS AB, with over 500 apartments in Stockholm and its surrounding areas. APARTMENT HS AB was founded in 1996 to offer accommodation for personnel working temporarily in Stockholm with the need for alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation.

Both companies are specialized in providing accommodation solutions for extended-stay business customers who want to live a normal life while staying abroad. Forenom’s strategic goal is to become #1 in the North European serviced apartments business with the most extensive selection of staff accommodation services. The transaction strengthens especially Forenom’s long stay offering in Sweden. All together the company offers now 1800 accommodation options in serviced apartments and hotel apartments in Swedish growth centres.

– We are excited to serve our business customers now with the greatest range of serviced apartments and aparthotels in Sweden. We want to be #1 in the North European serviced apartments business, and in Sweden our next step is to complete our offering with budget options such as hostels designed especially for business needs, says Forenom CEO Johannes Kangas.

– The trust we build in long-term relationships with our stakeholders is the most important thing in this business. We chose Forenom carefully based on their long Nordic expertise, but also because we share the same values and goals for developing serviced apartment field. We are certain this cooperation will benefit all parties, adds APARTMENT HS AB CEO Kathinka Silfverhielm.

Facts Forenom

Forenom is the only serviced apartment provider operating in all Northern countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Due to organic growth supported by strong Nordic corporate relationships, Forenom is the local market leader in Finland and Norway. In Sweden, Forenom strengthened its portfolio recently with new offices in Malmö and Gothenburg, and by acquiring the Swedish leading aparthotel chain StayAt. The acquisition of APARTMENT HS AB is effective starting April 4th, 2018 after which Forenom is the market leader of serviced apartment also in Sweden. All recent growth actions support Forenom’s strategic goal to become #1 in the North European serviced apartments business.

Facts serviced apartments

Serviced apartments offer facilities much like a traditional hotel but with added space, convenience and privacy like home. They have private cooking facilities, larger living and sleeping areas than most standard hotel rooms and the possibility to add hotel services. Serviced apartment as an expression has been mostly used in the business travel market, but consumers are now getting more familiar with the option of homelike living due to the growth of sharing economy channels.

Forenom Serviced Apartment Kitchen

Forenom has a professional track record of 18 years as a provider of highly versatile corporate housing solutions in the Nordic countries. Forenom manages over 6000 serviced apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 100 000 travellers every year. Forenom is the Nordic market leader in corporate housing in terms of net sales, currently operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with 25 local offices and over 450 employees. Forenom’s goal is to continue growing rapidly and become the leading accommodation service provider in Northern Europe. The asset management company CapMan made a significant investment in Forenom in 2016, which is expected to accelerate Forenom’s growth and development opportunities internationally

APARTMENT HS AB was founded in 1996 and has 22 years of experience in subletting apartments to companies. APARTMENT HS AB is specialized in offering accommodation for personnel working temporarily in Stockholm with the need for traditional hotel accommodation alternatives. AHS AB is known for their extensive serviced apartment offering, strong landlord and customer relationships and high customer satisfaction.

Please address media requests to:

Nordic region’s leading corporate housing provider Forenom focuses on accommodating companies’ global workforce in all Nordic countries. Forenom has a particularly strong foothold in accommodating project workers in the IT, manufacturing and construction industries. The company offers over 6,000 apartments, aparthotels and hostels in the growth centers of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

MBA Ville Jallinoja will start on Tuesday, March 20 as Real Estate Director at Forenom. Recruitment of significant real estate expertise support Forenom’s strategy to expand to be Northern Europe’s strongest corporate housing provider.

– Our serviced apartments business is developing fast and innovative property management is a crucial part of it. Ville has broad and versatile international real estate experience from major Finnish companies and we are really happy about Ville joining now on Forenom, says Johannes Kangas, CEO of Forenom.

Recently Jallinoja has held several positions in Real Estate and Facility Management at Nokia and Tieto. Jallinoja is excited to be part of Forenom with a track record in working in global businesses for over 20 years.

– Forenom is a unique company that has successfully become the Nordic market leader in its field. I’m excited to support its future growth and business in new markets and develop new innovative solutions for our customers, comments Jallinoja.

Forenom has a professional track record of 18 years as a provider of highly versatile corporate housing solutions in the Nordic countries. Forenom manages over 6000 furnished apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 90 000 travelers every year. Forenom is the Nordic market leader on corporate housing in terms of net sales currently operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with 25 local offices and over 450 employees. Our goal is to continue growing rapidly and become the leading accommodation service provider within Northern Europe.