Today we are booking 500 meetings. Shall we call you too?

There are lots of companies that don’t know us yet. That’s why we call them.

We solve accommodation needs. We are a strategic partner for clients who can trust in the fact that no matter where their businesses take them, they can offer their products and services at a competitive price, increase savings and grow their business.


However, there are lots of companies that don’t know us yet. That’s why we call them.


For calling we have set clear objectives:

  1. To make the client smile
  2. To market Forenom
  3. To book a meeting or make a sale


But why are we calling already so early in the morning? Don’t the clients contact us when they need our services?


We know from experience that at the moment only less than 10 % are ready to negotiate or to buy now. A third are using another provider or don’t have an acute need. Most are not interested in talking on the phone at all.

We are however a strategic partner with a strong focus on a reliable and personal client relationship. We don’t hop into this relationship without a warm-up – we build the relationship by supporting our clients and offering solutions that bring their businesses to a firmer ground. When we start building this relationship at the bottom of the pyramid, we earn our customers’ trust and cooperation for when their accommodation needs occur.


Because each call takes up our customers’ valuable time, we make sure that:

  1. We call with an important message that is genuinely beneficial to them
  2. We are professionals that can be relied on
  3. We forget our own ego and focus on the customer


”If nothing else, at least we are making people smile for a day!” –Iiro Eskelinen, Country Manager Finland


We operate in a seasonal market which is turning into low season. Today is the most important day of the winter season which determines how deep in the snow we hike in to the spring. That’s why we are calling.