Relocation expert’s insights to Slush16

Every year Slush provides a great opportunity to meet new people, business ideas, interesting technologies, new insights and great services. This year Slush gathered 17 000 visitors from 120 countries.

Every year Slush provides a great opportunity to meet new people, business ideas, interesting technologies, new insights and great services. As every year, Slush 2016 was amazing, including great ideas, people and so many companies and organizations who want to be part of the biggest startup event in Europe. Personally, my 4th Slush participation exceeded all the expectations. Slush gathered 17 000 visitors from 120 countries and you could really feel the mixture of energy and good vibes! Besides startups, this year we saw more companies attending from traditional industries looking to see what they can learn and how they can take part in new business opportunities.


Make moving smooth


What is common with all these companies both new tech startups and traditional business is their need for support in their employee mobility and recruitment challenges. People are moving now more than ever for employment, and it’s important that this happens as smoothly as possible for both – companies and individuals. Moving to a new country is one of the most stressful times in person’s life, which has a significant effect on the person’s capacity to work efficiently. The happiness of the family and the integration to the new life in the new environment plays a significant role in successful relocation. Relocation services are developed to help both the employee, his/her family and HR throughout the whole process. With thoughtful relocation support provided for the employee, productivity rises, and stress as well as unexpected expenses and time delays are minimized. From the employer’s side the image of the company as a good employer is strengthened while also supporting company’s future talent attraction and resourcing.


We help companies build their business – wherever they decide to go


During Slush I had delightful discussions with dozens of people. Some came to request accommodation, others came to thank me for the service during their relocation process. Some applied for a job and some wanted to learn what our service was all about. Every single company has questions and needs in our field of expertise and thus Slush offers a limitless pool of cooperation opportunities and great discussions for us. As an example, during Slush one of our customers based in Stockholm came to meet me. Previously we helped them in Sweden with work permits for their employees. Recently they expanded their business to Finland and they requested both relocation and accommodation services from Forenom In addition they also requested recruiting services from Barona to support their employment needs in Finland. We are happy to help their business to grow wherever they go!


Forenom has proven to be a great partner for companies as we provide the full range of services for relocating and housing. This is a complex process and one that can cause unnecessary delay and anxiety for both employees and HR. We are the biggest service provider in this field in the Nordics and operate throughout Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are happy to help, please contact us on any questions you might have.

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