Our corporate customers buy online efficiently

The best digital purchasing experience for corporate customers

Forenom offers the best digital purchasing experience on the market for its corporate customers

The Forenom online store at forenom.com is available 24 hours a day, also in the summer. In addition to the traditional apartment and hostel rooms, our online customers can buy serviced apartments that are fully furnished at different levels. Short and longer stays, even up to several months, can also be booked at our online store.

The new Extranet tool will even generate management reports for you

As well as the online store, Forenom has developed new digital tools for managing, purchasing and reporting corporate accommodation. In particular, our customers value the Extranet service designed for corporate customers. The service allows you to view all past and future bookings in real time, shown in the correct Nordic currency, naturally. The Extranet enables you to process and make payments and update your company information or users directly, online.

The Extranet reporting tool makes internal reporting on accommodation easier for our corporate customers. With the reporting tool, it is easy to create draw graphs of the accommodation used in all the Nordic countries, and to see, for example, the average cost of accommodation per employee or overall. 

The Extranet tool makes reporting easier, especially for corporate buyers.

DEN Group manages staff accommodation matters digitally

DEN Group is a leading manufacturer and service provider of turnkey single-family homes, and adaptable and multi-functional premises. DEN Finland’s employees include 60 mobile workers that stay in accommodation provided by Forenom. The accommodation is booked through the Forenom online store. 

“Because our people travel so much, the online store works well for us. Before, I used to be on the phone to the Forenom customer service several times a day. Now I always buy online because it makes my work easier and faster,” says Mari Liikanen from DEN Finland.

The company also uses the Extranet service. “The Extranet makes it easy to manage accommodation, even when there are several cases at the same time. For example, if one of my fitters has a question about accommodation, it is easy to check on the system,” Mari adds.

Is your accommodation management efficient?

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