Jonttu’s thoughts about the year 2017

Blog series Part 5

In part five of Forenom CEO Johannes Kangas’s “Jonttu’s thoughts” –series we sum up the past year 2017. How does Johannes think Forenom’s year has gone and what should we take with into the next year?

The year 2017 has been a strong growth year for Forenom. Remarkably, it has become a player to be taken seriously on the international level as well. For example, in Norway, Forenom became the market leader through an acquisition. 

“That, which was promised and planned a year ago, has been achieved.”

According to Johannes, the entire Forenom staff has professionally and attitudinally taken a great leap forward. In addition to the development of the staff, Forenom locations have received positive reviews and its processes have been automated. The growing workload has been overcome with the help of this automation, which has facilitated the development of its own systems.

Most importantly, Forenom locations have opened throughout the Nordic region. Among them, Johannes named the Flemingsberg and Bromma aparthotels in Stockholm, the Jyväskylä hostel in Finland and the new Lauttasaari apartment building in Helsinki.

“Denmark has become profitable. There has been well over 100% growth.”

Personnel first into the next year as well

Because Forenom’s operations are, in the end, always made possible by the people, I asked Johannes what will happen with personnel after the year 2017? First of all, a lot of new staff has been recruited and independent teams are being formed outside Finland as well. According to Johannes, it is admirable that people contact Forenom themselves and want to join this top-notch team.

New people have been selected for example as Regional Managers for Lapland, Vaasa, Malmö and Bergen. Yet to be filled at the moment, is the position of Real Estate Director as well as the role of Revenue Manager for Aparthotels. Marketing has added forces too, including a new CMO and Art Director.

“Managers for the Hostel and Apartment categories have been selected. A PMO was found through an internal move.”

In addition to external recruitment, more and more internal mobility has taken place. Most recently, Kalle Eerola moved to Norway, Jani Kuusela to Denmark ja Jussi Saarinen has spent the past year in Sweden. Internal mobility is promoted at Forenom, as it enables everyone to find new challenges and opportunities.

What should be remembered now and on holiday? 

One main theme for next year will continue to be increasing internationalization and the professionalization of operations. In principle, nothing revolutionary is wanted for current operations, but steady growth and satisfied personnel will automatically guarantee a good result.

“Everyone should be really happy with what has been done. Together, we produce great results.” 

For staff, stakeholders and anyone who reads the text Johannes would like to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year! It would be desirable for everyone to get their thoughts off work during their holiday and to spend time with their loved ones. After Christmas, we’ll be headed for the light, so now is a good time to recharge and remember that everyone has earned their holiday.

Valtteri Karjula, the author of this blog, works in Barona Group’s marketing team. He is passionate about the small changes and major transitions in working life. More blog posts by Valtteri at blog, and in his private social media channels – @valtterikarjula

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