Forenom’s International Trainee Program moved me to Stockholm

I have always thought that going out of your comfort zone, is where development happens – and this is really something Forenom has made possible for me.

I started my journey at Forenom in the beginning of January in the International Trainee Program. Although I started as an International Trainee and had agreed, starting from my first interview, that I’m willing to work abroad as well, at the end it still happened all of a sudden that I was asked to leave to Stockholm for Sales for undefined period of time. However, I didn’t hesitate a moment. This was just a great way to really put the word “international” into practice.


In Sweden everything was new to me

When I first arrived to Sweden, I was obviously a bit confused at first. Everything was more or less new to me: the country and business area, office and new colleagues. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and what was expected from me. I wouldn’t say that I was afraid but I definitely was nervous and super excited at the same time. I have always thought that when you get out of your comfort zone, that’s the point when all the developing happens and this is really something Forenom made possible for me! I can almost hear the sound of learning and the developing in my head.

The team in Sweden greeted me with a warm welcome, though I showed up all of a sudden. I felt part of the team right away. I have had new questions coming up all the time, and everyone has always been open to help me, despite the fact that everyone obviously had their own duties and busy schedules to handle.


Forenom Stockholm team Sweden

Team Sweden at our Stockholm office.


Supporting each other makes us stronger

The salt of sales is to build long lasting and trust based relationships with customers starting from zero. Even though I have had a chance to work very independently, I have received support from colleagues with preparing offers and finding solutions for customers, which is a great way to combine everyone’s knowledge and to serve the customer even better and faster. So, despite that I felt like this was jump into a cold water, I haven’t been alone. Help is always available if you just open your mouth.


I feel lucky to be part of a success story

As said, my main function in Stockholm has been sales but according to one of Forenom’s values “Do it together”, I have additionally been involved with a variety of other things. There is a lot going on here in Forenom Sweden and I feel lucky to have the possibility be part of all of these changes. New accommodation units are opening up, the office has been renovated and new employees have been hired. Beautiful Botell Volta just opened its doors and a huge aparthotel is under construction in Flemingsberg and will open in November. They say the only thing that is permanent in life is change – and this is also clearly present in Forenom’s business environment. Changes are a crucial part of keeping the business innovative and flexible.

My journey in Stockholm still continues. I’m waiting to get more done and to see the development in me and in Forenom. Lastly I want to thank Forenom for giving me this opportunity and thank you team Sweden for being so great, very much appreciated!

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