In professional sports, well-being and performance highly impacted by accommodation

Guest author: Lauri Marjamäki, Head coach of the Jokerit ice hockey team

Health and well-being are frequently in work-life discussions these days. Our guest author Lauri Marjamäki, head coach of the Jokerit ice hockey team, reveals how the Helsinki-based team emphasizes the total well-being of players and why accommodation plays a big role in the team’s performance.

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At Jokerit, we think of well-being a lot through the mind. Often the mind is influenced by the meaningfulness of work: how great it is to do something you really care about and to enjoy your daily work. It’s good to do some self-reflecting about what makes you feel good and why you sometimes might have a negative outlook. Self-examination is good way to find those answers.

Jokerit head coach Lauri Marjamäki

Nutrition, exercise, sleep and recovery are major factors for professional athletes, but also in other fieds of work. Jokerit’s out-of-town players stay in Forenom’s high-class apartments around Helsinki, Finland. Forenom’s accommodation offers the players ideal surroundings for full concentration to the job itself, i.e. ice hockey, as all daily chores and routines at home are made easy.

It’s important to pay attention to what you put in your mouth and try to avoid for example excess sugar and fat. In Forenom’s fully-equipped kitchens, the players can cook their own meals, which helps them make better decisions nutrition-wise. Recovery is at its highest when you get enough of good quality sleep at night. Nothing can substitute a good night’s sleep. Home-like accommodation and a good own bed have a positive impact on the quality of sleep. In fact, sleep and its quality are one of the most important factors for a professional athlete when aiming for top performance.

The intensity of workouts varies according to game schedules.

Having Forenom as our accommodation partner, we can guarantee that the players have a place where they can live just like at home during season and relax in the cozy surroundings better than for example in a hotel room.

All the same, the single biggest factor in overall health and well-being is a positive mind. Enjoy life!

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