How important is the content of your website?

How much effort should go into content creation and does it really make a difference?

Why do you want quality content on your website?

It is easy for one’s website to get lost in the seemingly endless space of the internet. Be it your blog or company website (assuming you are not Apple or another industry giant), I am sure you struggle or have struggled with this challenge of how to be seen or found. Even if it is just in your niche, it can be difficult to get the traffic you desire and to rank high in the search engines for the right keywords or phrases. If you are serious about it, you are implementing or trying to implement search engine optimization (SEO) to rank high for the desired search queries, to land on that elusive top page of google search results, or maybe you are spending some serious money on paid advertising. Likely both.

Unfortunately getting people to visit your website or blog is not everything. You want to keep them there, you want to get them engaged and you want to convert them. Whether your goal is to sell a product, provide service or build an audience, you need your visitors to interact with your website. And while visually appealing design and clean layout are all great and important, it is the actual content that visitors engage with and what keeps them on your site.

You may want to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Does your content provide some value to the visitor?
  • Is it informative, clear and understandable?
  • Have you considered your target audience and designed your content accordingly?
  • Is your content fresh and up to date?
  • If possible, is your content original?

I suggest you read this blog at kissmetrics for some excellent tips on what good content should look like.

How exactly does quality content help you?

High quality content is also crucial for your SEO. As you can see on SEJ here and here both industry experts and Google themself list quality content as one of the top ranking factors. The excellent and very informative bi-annual expert survey conducted by the good folks at MOZ also shows content being one of the three most important ranking factors. The other big one being links and other websites linking to your page or your article. Do you know what can help you get links? You guessed it, high quality and original content.


Top 4 results for the term "project accommodation services" illustrating how quality content helps to rank

Content is indeed the king. This is more true today in 2017 than it ever was, and you would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn’t take it seriously. Luckily, we all have access to plenty of great and free information that can help in creating excellent content. Following industry experts and regularly reading blogs such as MOZ or Hubspot will go a long way in helping you improve.

On a more human level however, it just makes sense to think about the visitor of your website. In fact they are the ones you should think of first and foremost. If they see high quality original content that provides value, they will not only come back to you, but also spread the word and bring more people in.


Updating your website’s existing content as well as creating new and fresh content can be a daunting task, trust me, we are going through the process right now here at Forenom and sometimes it seems like no matter what, you can always do better (likely the truth). It is a continuous process and its effects are not always visible right away, but never lose sight of your goals and keep pushing forward. If you do things right, I guarantee you will reap the benefits of your hard work eventually.

Oh, and speaking of quality content, why don’t you download our free guide on how to slash your accommodation expenses? 🙂