Free roaming when traveling with Forenom

From 15th of June 2017 you can now call, SMS, MMS and surf free in the EU and EEA. For Forenom travelers, it is positive news! As you know, we have housing solutions in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

What is roaming?

When you travel to another country with your mobile phone and use the SIM card from your home country - you are "roaming". Previously, the carrier in your home country has paid the operator abroad for the use of the network, which in turn has been charged to you as a customer.

What happens now when roaming charges are abolished in the EU and EEA?

In short, you no longer need to turn off data roaming or restrict your calls. It is now free to surf in the EU and EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and call, SMS and MMS from any EU and EEA country to your home country (in the EU and EEA). However, it is not free to call, SMS and MMS from your home country to other countries in the EU and EEA (and of course, the rest of the world).

It may be somewhat confusing that calls from your home country to other countries are not free. The explanation is simply that you do not roam when you are in your home country. To prevent exploitation of the new law, by buying a subscription from another country (permanent roaming), a "normal use" policy is applied. The definition is that most of your usage must be done in your home country.

What should I know as a Forenom traveler?

When you, from an EU or EEA country, live at any Forenom location, you no longer need to think about the mobile bill. Forenom's idea is that living with us should feel just like home, and this is now even more true when you no longer need to limit your mobile usage when traveling. However, keep in mind that the mobile network in the foreign country may not have as developed mobile network as your home country. We of course still have free Wi-Fi on all our accommodations for those who want to surf really fast!

More information

It is good to know that mobile operators are entitled to restrict roaming if you pay less than €3.85 per GB for using mobile data at home. To exemplify: If you have a subscription that costs €24 per month (excluding VAT) and includes 6 GB of mobile data, which in theory means that you pay 24/6 = €4 per GB mobile data. Since you pay more than €3.85, you are entitled to use all of your subscription's 6 GB mobile data when traveling to another EU and EEA country.