The best part of a lovely digital experience for guests

At work, you don’t always get to do what you love the most. But sometimes you do! I had an opportunity to do what I love the most when Forenom began working with Reaktor to refresh Forenom’s web services.


The goal of this project is to create a digital service experience that is more simple and friendly than what we currently offer. We also want to support the internationalization and growth of Forenom. To achieve our goals, we set out first to clarify the structure of our website, and also to ensure that our guests can receive the same first-class service in the language that they choose. The first phase is to turn our separate “country websites” into one package. This means that soon we will no longer have different websites for different countries and languages. Instead, we’ll have one website with content which is consistent across languages.


Dudettes to Forenom’s office


In concrete terms, work started when Reaktor’s dudettes, Tuija Velinen and Aino Sipilä, moved in to Forenom’s Helsinki office with their laptops and Post-It notes in the beginning of October. In true Forenom fashion, we started with some shock therapy and set their work spaces right in the middle of our open office. The point was to put them in a position where they could have easy access to all the information that their hearts desired, without that information being bleach-cleaned beforehand. Next, the Reaktor dudettes headed out to interview our guests and other stakeholder representatives. We know our guests well, but not surprisingly, there were still issues that were revealed in the interviews that we hadn’t thought of before.


Part of our team from left to the right: Joanna Ahlberg, Heidi Holm, Aino Sipilä, Tuija Velinen and Michael Huotari.

Our straightforward culture has occasionally caused a bit of shock for our new friends. Tuija and Aino have occasionally been left in wonder at Forenom’s lack of resistance to change, the culture of attacking challenges head on no matter what shape or form they may take, and the fact that a “suit-and-tie” approach is the last thing you’re going to find in the Forenom offices. There were definitely challenges along the way, but generally just “small issues,” such as non-existent digital brand guidelines, which should have formed the foundation for their work. Well, if we don’t have something, then it’s time to go get it or make it, preferably within the day, and then get back to work. And so we did. Together.


The Forenom way to face the challenges


The renovation work has progressed at a rapid pace, and now we have in our hands the plan for our first phase. In typical Forenom style, implementation is already underway before the plan is even complete. Because of this, I’m not afraid to promise that this year you will see the first changes to the Forenom online services: An all-new Forenom website!

The cooperation with Reaktor has went very well, even better than we expected. We chose Reaktor because of their way of approaching a challenge, ability and courage to challenge us, strong references and incredibly awesome team members. In the words of my colleague Olli Trög, “They are simply the best.”


You really should invite strangers over


The best part of this lovely experience is to have the best team members possible, gently guide them in the right direction, and then step to the side as the best in the field do their thing. When Tuija and Aino moved out of our office and into the offices of their next customer, I certainly missed them and their colorful Post-It notes. However, I believe that we’ll be able to adopt a bit of their methods and practices into our own way of working. It’s a great thing to allow outsiders to peek behind the curtain, to learn from them, and above all, allow them to show what is great about their own culture. Hopefully this insight will show up in our website! 😉