5 must-see speakers of Slush16

Slush 2016 kicks off this week and we decided to take a closer look at the speakers sharing their insight at the event.

Chris Sacca

Who: Founder and chairman of Lowercase Capital, one of the most successful venture funds in history. Found every hot startup in the Valley and was among the earliest and largest investors in companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Docker, Lookout, Twilio, and Kickstarter. Known for his brash opinions. Named Worst Dressed for his cowboy shirt obsession.

Why we are interested: Chris Sacca does business on a personal level and that makes him agile. And needless to say: very successful. He didn’t study business or engineering, doesn’t know how to program a computer, never started a company of his own or worked at a big venture firm. He doesn’t drag a stiff institution behind him. As we at Forenom say, he is a bold desicionmaker. And that’s what we would like to hear more about.


Olof Schybergson

Who: Founder & CEO of Fjord, raised the company from its infancy to be a global leader in service design. A pioneer and a visionary, always with an eye toward the future of the industry. Passionate about elegant simplicity and its power to solve challenges. Passionate about strong and trusting client relationships being the core to success. A well-respected trend spotter, frequent speaker at global events and contributor to global publications. Holds the same beliefs that drove him to found Fjord in 2001: digital will continue to change the world, and design will re-imagine experiences and services that are central in people’s lives.

Why we are interested: We believe that innovation is the only key to the future. However, we will never make it to that future without strong client relationships. And in order to build those relationships, one has to be passionate about them.


Ambarish Mitra

Who: Co-Founder & CEO of Blippar, the leading visual search browser and fastest growing augmented reality player. One of the pioneers of augmented reality and computer vision. Started his tech career in as a high school drop-out entrepreneur on Women Empowerment in India. Now named UK Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2016. With a vision to create the ultimate physical world browser, Ambarish Mitra has been widely recognized for his unconventional business thinking and people-driven philosophical approach to management.

Why we are interested: Three reasons: Entrepreneurship, people-driven approach and augmented reality. We believe these things beautifully represent what we need to expand our thinking to in order to tackle the challenges of the future.


Tom Hulme

Who: General Partner at Google Ventures, featured in WIRED UK’s Top 100 Digital Power Brokers list every year since the list was established. He preaches about the importance of empathy for the customers’ desire being the biggest leading indicator of business success. Building a product people really want comes from allowing consumers to be a part of the process, and following the paths they create.

Why we are interested: We want to sell services people actually want. We talk to our customers, listen to their desires and on a regular basis think to ourselves “why on earth don’t we do things this way instead of that”. For true understanding we need true empathy.


Nicolas Cary

Who: A serial entrepreneur and lifelong technologist. Winner of the 2015 European Digital Leader award for his inspiring and innovative contribution to initiate progress in the digital world. Attributes much of his insight to his personal journeys around the world both in rural poverty-stricken areas and in international business hubs. Has a deep passion for positive digital disruption. Co-Founder of Blockchain, one of the most exciting game-changers about to transform the way we perceive our institutions, how we interact, and how trust each other.

Why we are interested: Brighter future requires bold ideas. We at Forenom embrace bravery, transformability and togetherness.


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